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Courageous Kash Foundation


Who Are We? 

We are heart warriors, friends and families of warriors and community members interested in serving, supporting and helping others in the heart warrior community through the Children's Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital, as we battle congenital heart defects together.

What Do We Do?

Below are things that we do to support the heart warrior community.

  • Monthly - We bring family bags to each heart warrior and family in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU (PCICU) at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The family bags are filled with items such as snacks for the family, a book to ready to their warrior, activities to keep the heart warrior and family occupied during their stay, and other comfort items. 

  • Quarterly - We host events to "Pack the Pantry," on the PCICU. Most families do not want to leave their critically ill child and the food options are very limited and expensive. We "Pack the Pantry" to help nourish and sustain our heart warriors and families.

  • We pay for and provide 10-day parking passes to families when inpatient. Parking can be $25 dollars a day. Financially, it is difficult for our families.

  • We take part in the "Hopkins Heart Family Reunion," recently partnering with the Hopkins Music Therapists hosting a "make and take" station for children at this annual event.

  • We provide hotel accommodations for heart warrior families, when other options are not available. 

  • We provide holiday events and fun for our families, trying to give them a sense of normalcy during difficult times.

  • Through donations, we send heart warriors and families to the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals base ball games. 


And so much more....supporting our mission below: 

Our Mission:

Supporting families and children when inpatient, at the Children’s Center of Johns Hopkins Hospital and while also supporting families through the Believe in Tomorrow House. Contributions to the foundation will be used to assist families with parking, provide snack bags, events, meals at the Believe in Tomorrow House and other activities to make the heart family’s stay slightly easier. We are committed to supporting families by inspiring hope, perseverance, resilience and reminding others that we are all in this together, fighting congenital heart defects, as one mighty, “courageous,” team!

How Can You Help?

  • Donations - The Courageous Kash Foundation is funded through the generous support of our community of family and friends supporting heart warriors. A one time, monthly or annual donation is appreciated! See the donate button on the top of the website.

  • Sponsorship - We are always looking for business to sponsor the activities and events.

  • In-Kind Donations - Businesses that provide In-Kind donations for our family bags and pantry event are appreciated. 

  • Volunteer - The Courageous Kash Foundation is growing! You can help with one event or all events in person. You can be a supporting role virtually, at our foundation meetings. Seeking support in event planning, marketing, fundraising/donations and grants, etc...

  • You can participate in several areas depending on your interest - we'd love to have you!

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